We Create Games

June 14th

Here’s the Github Source for a JavaScript viewer that uses the Three.JS library to render stars using only JavaScript. I added a number of CameraControl changes that listens for JavaScript mousemove events and rotates or moves the camera accordingly. this.rotateAroundPoint = function (angDist, axis) { angDist *= (Math.PI / 180); var cCamera = this.camera.position; var [...]

June 13th

I love space and astronomy. I’ve been using these as ways to teach myself matrix math and some of the advanced astrophysics that i just didn’t grasp the first time I’d taken courses on them in college. Maybe I went to a hard school, or maybe I’m just a late bloomer, but I’m finding that [...]

December 6th

We recently had a baby, and since then I’ve had a number of people ask for my recommendations on what loot I like.  With us nerds, we seem to value different things than normal humans – with a preference for efficiency, convenience, and creativity.  I’ve put together a list of my top 10(ish) recommendations for [...]

November 29th

Last month, I saw one of the most inspiring JavaScript projects on the web!  The Isogenic Engine is a game library written in HTML5 that can be used to build games on top of – this means that advanced Flash-like isometric games that run on the iPhone/iPad/Android can all run efficiently at fast speeds and [...]

November 20th

I’ve been focusing on HTML5 over the past year, and am beginning to unravel it’s inner secrets. One of the most interesting concepts is the dynamic tension between native apps and web apps for mobile devices. Categories of Mobile Apps Mobile applications provide huge opportunities and some risks for the developers via common middleware, GUI, tools for [...]

November 18th

I love audio books and podcasts. I’ve long had a personal challenge of reading a book each week of my life, and last year I realized I was falling behind.  I’ve now caught up – and would like to share how.  My wife doesn’t understand my near-compulsive need to always be doing something, or learning [...]

November 15th

The League of American Communications Professionals (http://www.lacp.com/) has awarded us 3rd place in the 2010 Global Communications Spotlight Award!  My co-worker Julia High put together most of the issue (including heavy editing of my section!) and deserves congratulations. The article I wrote is posted on our page here, and is one of the 10 articles [...]

November 11th

Our Mobile Application that we’ve been building for the US Government was recently featured on our company’s front page.  This application is called the COIN Collector (Counter Insurgency Data Collector), and is an example of some of the cool work that the government is looking at to take advantage of mobile platforms. While most of [...]

February 4th

I’ve been asked to build a mobile strategy and prototype for the Tysons Corner area of Northern Virginia.  One of the problems is that Tysons is (combined between Tysons I and Tysons II) one of the two largest malls in the country.  Surrounding it is the intersection of four major roads, along with dozens of [...]

January 29th

(check out the above Chumby tiger cover here) (built on previous Chumby iRemote post here) Overview This past month, I extended the web server on my older-style Chumby to add a lot of functionality to my house. For a while, I’ve wanted to automate a number of my home systems – X10 to control our [...]

January 24th

I’ve been working on putting together an “Army App Store” to give to a few soldiers for testing. I’ve been trying to think of what apps would be best to install on SmartPhones that would have the most utility to soldiers in the field. One of the biggest misconceptions that people have is that soldiers [...]